Tuesday, June 14, 2011


What a lovely little delight! I read Seedfolks in about twenty minutes before falling asleep and it was the perfect bedtime story. The seedfolks of the title are members of a Cleveland neighborhood that turn a vacant lot into a garden, while turning themselves into friends. I kept waiting for a major conflict to spring up, but the characters' troubles are mainly in the past, or at least begin to heal from their time in the garden. This lack of turmoil is refreshing.

In only 69 pages, Paul Fleischman is able to inhabit thirteen different characters from many different backgrounds. This would be an excellent novel to read with students who are struggling with characterization in their writing. It would partner really well with any unit on tolerance, as well as with the recently reviewed Vive La Paris. I love the idea of inundating students with books about community building and reaching out to neighbors.


  1. Seedfolks is such a little gem of a book. At my old school we used it every year with our 6th graders as the very first read of the year. What a great tool for both engagement and discussion! On top of that, it's accessible to readers at pretty much all levels in middle school, so everyone gets to fully enjoy it. Great book!!

  2. I first heard about this book when I was student teaching. My cooperating teacher used it with our 8th graders. The year after I used it with my high schoolers. I love how all the different stories come together. I enjoyed remembering more about the book through your review. I especially liked seeing your insights about the role of past vs. present conflict.


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