Saturday, May 7, 2011


Jane Yolen's graphic novel, Foiled, starts out with such promise. It is the story of Aliera, a gifted fencer who doesn't fit in at her school and is happiest when she is fencing or role-playing with her cousin. I love the idea of a heroine who embraces two atypical hobbies and introduces them to the reader as options. While not popular, Aliera is definitely cool.

The plot starts to go downhill when Aliera develops a crush on her handsome lab partner. There are many hints that there is something "off" about him, but it takes far too many pages to find out what it is. The climax of Foiled comes far too late in the book; suddenly there are fairies and creatures everywhere, and then the book ends. I've read that there will be a sequel to Foiled, but it seems to make more sense to tell the entire story in one book (and maybe skip a few of the frog dissection scenes).

I was really impressed by Mike Cavallaro's art and thought it was brilliant to keep the illustrations colorless to emphasize Aliera's colorblindness. Rather than add Foiled to my library, I will be checking out other graphic novels that Cavallaro has illustrated.

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  1. oh Wow, love your blog. I adore YA books too. Cynthia Rylant is my favorite! I saw that you reviewed Every Living Thing. I've never read that one--i'll have to put it on my reading list. thanks for the idea.


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