Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rhymes With Witches

I really like Lauren Myracle's writing. I think she excels at sharing the bittersweet aspects of growing up and her characters are realistic. Rhymes With Witches is a departure from her novels that I've read, this time with a creepy mystery about popularity.

The title clique suddenly adopts Jane, a nearly invisible freshman. As she spends more time with them, she realizes that their popularity isn't due to their sparkling personalities, but rather the witchcraft they are taught by their strange teacher. I love the movie "The Craft", so the mean girls as witches plotline really appealed to me. I appreciated that Myracle didn't shy away from the less desirable side of popularity--the peer pressure, insecurity, and the fact that a lot of the popular guys are actually not that cool.

Not everything about Witches worked for me. There was a plotline about feral cats that didn't really get explained and the conclusion was abrupt and unsatisfying. My main issue was that the characters were less developed than in Myracle's other novels. I wanted to like Jane more, but was turned off by how quickly she ditched her friends. I know witchcraft was involved, but it still didn't endear her to me! On the other hand, it seemed like she never really liked her original friends to begin with, and the reader can't blame her.

I know there is a prequel called Bliss, but I am going to skip it and search out other Lauren Myracle books like Thirteen.

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