Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hush, Hush

I have been wanting to read Hush, Hush since it came out, but couldn't justify shelling out $18 for a book I would probably read in two hours. Still, that cover called to me every time I passed a bookstore. I finally found a used copy in Seoul and dug right in.

Maybe it was the anticipation, but I was really disappointed in Becca Fitzpatrick's novel. I love the fantasy romance genre, but thought that Hush, Hush was a pale imitation of Twilight and Shiver. It's too bad, because the idea of a fallen angel in Maine makes me really excited.

Unfortunately, this plot is implausible and the characters are beyond unlikable. Nora, the protagonist, claims to be very intelligent, but spends the entire novel making foolish choices, mostly regarding her love interest, Patch. It's no secret (even from the cover) that Patch is a fallen angel and meant to be a bad boy. There is a fine line between the misunderstood bad boy (Jordan Catalano, Rhett Butler, James Dean, Sawyer from 'Lost') and an absolute jerk. Patch falls into the latter category; there is nothing in his character that makes him appealing.

The secondary characters are no more enjoyable. Nora's best friend Vee is such a stereotype of a sidekick and a mean one at that, not a friend I'd want for any of my students. Mrs. Grey, Nora's mother, is a recent widow, but still travels constantly for business, leaving her teenage daughter alone for weeks at a time. I want to call 'shenanigans' on all authors that rely so heavily on the absent parent. A YA reader may come to believe that most teenagers have one deceased parent and another who is never around. Really, it is just lazy writing.

I will donate this to my old school's library because they can always use new books. But I would love to talk to the students who read Hush, Hush about their thoughts and how it compares to other novels in this genre.

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  1. I was planning on reading this book over the break. I did not read your whole post because I did not want to spoil anything too soon. I will have to come back once I finish up. I am hoping that I will enjoy it more than you did. Like you, I have high hopes for it... We'll see if I am also disappointed.


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