Monday, December 13, 2010


What happens when you are a successful author with no new books on the horizon and an old YA book with an awkward name (Gridzbi Spudvetch!) gathering dust on the shelf? You spruce it up a bit, rename it Boom, and release it again!

Overall, Mark Haddon's novel Boom is worth the read. While it's no The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, it is a fun read that will appeal to middle school boys. Jimbo and Charlie are two London boys with a penchant from troublemaking. When they overhear their teachers speaking a secret language and communicating via brass bracelets, their investigations lead to breaking and entering, kidnapping, and some encounters with characters straight out of the fantasy genre.

The British slang is in full effect in Boom; that could either engage readers or turn them off, depending on their diligence. To the adult reader, the climax scene dragged on. I could see where things would end up and wanted to finally get there. Younger readers might not see the plot points and may have more patience!

Still, it is worth checking out of the library and reading the first chapter aloud to a class. It will definitely hook some would-be pranksters who may have their own suspicions about what teachers are really up to.

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