Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Graveyard Book

The premise of The Graveyard Book is incredible: a baby escapes his family's murder and is raised in a graveyard as Nobody Owens, the beloved adopted child of ghosts and the guardians of the cemetary.

I loved reading about Bod's adventures growing up in the cemetary. His interactions with the other denizens play out in clever vignettes. Like all childhoods, there are moments of happiness, adventure, humor, and sadness. Young readers will love that even though Bod leads the most improbable life, he is really just like them.

The end of the novel focuses more on the eventual showdown between Bod and The Man Jack, his family's murderer. For me, this part of the book was far less interesting than just reading about Bod's daily life. Clearly, the Newbery Award committee disagrees! I would recommend this to students with a love of fantasy and science fiction, although I think just about everyone would enjoy it.

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