Monday, October 11, 2010

Lock and Key

I am a huge Sarah Dessen fan so I was thrilled to load the audiobook for Lock and Key on my ipod before moving to Korea. While I usually love Dessen's protagonists for being so real, I was not won over by Ruby, the damaged loner of this book.

Ruby has good reason to distrust others: her alcoholic mother abandoned her and she recently moved to the mansion of her sister Cora, whom she hadn't seen for ten years. Still, Ruby's prickliness can get old, especially when she just happens to end up in an amazingly supportive community: a terrific school, an enthusiastic brother in law who invented a fictionalized version of facebook, a kind, athletic neighbor who would inevitable become a crush, and a capable sister. Usually Dessen's characters have a sharp wit and an interesting hobby, plus quirky friends that move the plot along. Lacking these things, Ruby Cooper was a downer.

I still consider Sarah Dessen to be one of the best authors of authentic teenage dialogue, so recommend this book to fans of hers. If you haven't read any of her other books though, don't make this one your first.

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