Friday, October 1, 2010

The English Roses: Friends For Life

My school in Korea has a very small selection of English books: some Amelia Bedelias, all the Harry Potter novels (yes!), everything by Roald Dahl, and Madonna's The English Roses series.

I had heard of these books before but never seen them. I read Friends For Life in about twenty minutes today. I wouldn't really call this writing because it is really just filling in the blanks from the perspective of five different characters: the posh one, the sporty one, the smart one, the fashionista, and the serious one. While it was fun to breeze through and see which of these fifth graders wants to meet Stella McCartney (ha!), I was disappointed that the girls really didn't show a combination of the traits. I would hate for a nine year old to lock herself into being the brainiac or the jock (as the book calls them) and not realize that you can be both.

Still, this novel may be useful in my EFL classroom, where students could read a selection as a model, and then fill out a similar survey on themselves, pushing to use longer sentences and more complex vocabulary.

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