Monday, August 16, 2010


The cover of Sweethearts is absolute perfection. The simplicity of the cookie, the beautiful color choice, the font of the title (although the title doesn't fit the novel, in my opinion) are all excellent. I definitely chose to read this book based on its cover.

Sara Zarr's novel started off slowly, with Jenna going through her days of high school popularity trying to maintain her cool facade and constantly flashing back to an unknown traumatic event which led to the death of her childhood friend, Cameron. Suddenly, Cameron reappears and acts as a bowling ball, knocking down the pins of her carefully arranged life. When the readers learn what the event was, the plot picks up and we wish we hadn't learned Jenna and Cameron's secret.

I definitely skimmed the first few chapters but ended up enjoying Sweethearts and crying a bit at the end. The character of Cameron Quick made me think about how unfair it is for someone to keep reappearing in their loved one's lives, only to leave again. This led to the tailspin "Oh no, am I Cameron Quick?" I will be moving to Korea tomorrow (!) and have spent the summer visiting friends and family. I haven't exactly been dropping bombs or shattering existences, so I think I'm in the clear. Still, you've got to appreciate a YA novel that makes you question your lifestyle!

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