Sunday, August 1, 2010


Dramarama is a fun, light read to take to the beach, on a plane, or to the park. I brought it with me to all these places and was able to easily pick up the story of Sadye and Demi, two drama-loving misfits from Ohio that head to performing arts summer camp. Their paths diverge when Demi discovers his star power and Sadye struggles when her talent doesn't match her drive.

E. Lockhart packed her novel with lyrics and references to tons of musicals. I used to love theatre when I was in middle school and was excited to hum the songs that I knew. Thanks to the author's website, I also have a list of new songs to download. Even though most kids I know don't have any musical theatre knowledge, the story is interesting enough to hold them. I especially enjoyed the recorded conversations between the two friends, already planning for when they are famous. It's that kind of bravado in Lockhart's characters that always wins me over. 

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  1. This book seems very interesting...I will need to get it. I am almost done with Eat.Pray.Love...just in time for the movie. I will have to check out hanna andersson. Thanks for the info!



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