Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Lullaby

This Lullaby is the first Sarah Dessen book I’ve read that I haven’t immediately wanted to add to our school’s library. In fact, I won’t think it will make it there at all. This novel didn’t click with me because I found the characters, both major and minor, to be unlikable.

The protagonist, Remy, is a perfectionist who is soon to head off to Stanford. She is an expert on hooking up and dumping boys until she meets Dexter, a musician who goes against everything she wants in a boyfriend. After much resistance, they get together and she is unable to follow her old rules and end the relationship.

Usually I love the quirky guys in Dessen’s novels and want to root for them. Unfortunately, I found Dexter to be annoying and don’t think there’s any way someone like Remy would really tolerate him. I found Remy’s brother Chris to be much more interesting, a reformed badboy who raises lizards and is dating a shark disguised as a receptionist. Tell more about them, please!

The best part of This Lullaby was getting a small update on Scarlett Thomas of Someone Like You. We learn that she is managing a coffee shop, attending college part time, and happily raising her daughter. I love when characters intersect in an author’s world and Dessen is usually good at giving this to the reader.


  1. I also love it when characters intersect in different books that aren't series.

    You mentioned that this probably won't make it to your school library. Is that because you had hesitations based on appropriateness, or do you typically only include books that you like?

  2. Hi Mrs. V,
    I thought there was too much drinking and hooking up for my 10 to 14 year olds. I definitely include books that I don't like, but need to be careful of parents' reactions.


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