Sunday, July 4, 2010

Someone Like You

We all know that I love Sarah Dessen. Now that I am back in South Carolina with regular library access, I overloaded the interlibrary loan cart with the titles I haven’t read. Someone Like You was the first to arrive and it is a classic, as in very early Dessen. It is fun for me to see how her style began and developed into Along for the Ride and others.

Halley and Scarlett are best friends that see each other equally while the rest of world sees them as Scarlett and her shy friend Halley. When Scarlett falls in love with a boy, he dies, and she gets pregnant (none of these are spoilers), she needs Halley to be the stronger one. Halley wants to, but she is also falling in love and making decisions on her own for the first time.

I love the way that Dessen writes high school friends; they are all people that I would want to spend time with. Halley makes a big deal about the fact that she and her mother were best friends, but the only side we ever see of her is overprotective and shrewish. I wish there was more character growth from the mother, although it makes sense not to show it when our narrator is her long-suffering teenage daughter.

Someone Like You was combined with That Summer (next on my list) to make a Mandy Moore film called “How To Deal”. I’ve never seen it but will now! I also wanted to point out how much better the current cover of the novel is (although there isn’t any beach love in the book) than the copy I took out of the Myrtle Beach library. NOBODY wants to read a book with this cover!

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  1. I have only read a couple of Sarah Dessen's books, but eventually I would love to read them all eventually. I did not know about the movie that blended the two books. I will have to read them and then watch it. I always love to read books prior to movies.

    I had never seen that first cover. You talked about how her writing has evolved, and the covers sure changed a lot too. That just doesn't look like a Sarah Dessen cover! They probably missed that a lot of people were missing out on a great book because the cover was not catching their attention.


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