Thursday, July 1, 2010

Necklace of Kisses

My kingdom for a day in Francesca Lia Block's world!

When I was in middle and high school, I was obsessed with Francesca Lia Block. Her writing sparkled and the world she spun was so different from my soccer practice-shopping at Filene's-watching "Full House" lifestyle. I wanted to hang out with slinkster cool surfers in LA while wearing dresses I had made out of children's sheets. I wanted to drive around in my vintage car while eating fusion food with my dreadlocked friends. About fifteen years have past since my Weetzie-loving days and my life has become a balance between those two extremes. One thing that remains the same is that I am fascinated by Block's California fairy tales.

Necklace of Kisses reintroduces us to Weetzie as a 40 year old woman with a fashion boutique, leaving home because she has fallen out of love with Max (aka My Secret Agent Lover Man). She moves into a fabulous pink hotel with a cast of characters that allows Block to showcase her gift for descriptive language ("He was holding a bottle of silver polish, which he had grabbed from the manicurist, and running in circles around a giant golden Buddha with offerings of silk lotus blossoms and glass mangoes at its feet" (59). Every sentence packs a punch of gorgeous imagery, so much that I want to re-read the book just to review what Weetzie wore.

At my former school (that's right, I had my last day and am moving on), we didn't have any Block novels because I didn't think they would appeal to my Bahamian kids. I see now that it's not fair, because no one would have guessed they'd be my style when in fact, they were exactly what I needed.

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