Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sometimes I wonder how it took me eight years to read amazing novels like Feed by M.T. Anderson. Then I remember that there aren't many copies floating around Greek elementary schools and Bahamian middle schools. What are the amazing novels of 2010 that I won't read until 2018?

I am so glad I didn't go another day without reading Feed. I really think that this should be required reading in all U.S. high schools. There are so many important messages and warnings in this deceptively short novel. A passage that I would underline: "One Saturday...there was this promotion, where if you talked about the great taste of Coca-Cola to your friends like a thousand times, you got a free six-pack of it, so we decided to take them for some meg ride by all getting together and being like, Coke, Coke, Coke, Coke for about three hours so we'd get a year's supply." Guess who ends up getting thirsty and buying Coke themselves?

I was frightened by the dystopia that Anderson presents, especially since many of his predictions have come true in the past eight years. The characters all speak in slang with imperfect grammar; I was most affected when the words "like" and "dude" are overused by the parents. People are able to "chat" by sending messages in their heads and very few people can actually read words. M.T. Anderson's creativity and intelligence is inspiring. I know that one day Feed will be considered a dystopic classic that stands beside Brave New World and Animal Farm.

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