Thursday, July 22, 2010


As soon as I heard the premise of Everlost, I was hooked. In a world between life and death, only children exist and if they don’t move constantly, they get sucked into the earth. They are led by a girl named Mary Hightower (who lives in the Twin Towers) and fear a monster named The McGill. Our heroes are Allie and Nick, two strangers who are killed in the same car accident and band together to figure out more about their new lives as “Afterlights”.

Neil Shusterman grabs the reader immediately and doesn’t let up. I loved the world of Everlost and couldn’t wait to see what Shusterman dreamed up. It was intense to think of the consequences of not being able to stop moving, not having to breathe, and not needing sleep or food (but still wanting it). 

The characters of Mary and Allie are both strong role models; brave and clever leaders with realistic flaws that don’t detract from their storylines. Mary’s relationship with the children that follow her is particularly interesting. She tries to maintain impartiality and almost succeeds, but the cracks in her veneer are what make her interesting.

The novel ends with a twist that I did not anticipate, but it took awhile to reach it. Each character grows and I am eager to see what the sequel, Everwill holds for them.

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