Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wherever Nina Lies

We just received a stack of new books, thanks to Presenting Lenore's IBBM Program. The first one I chose to read was Wherever Nina Lies, based on the excitement the cover generated from my students.

At first I wasn't too jazzed about the book. While I was intrigued by protagonist Ellie's search for her long-missing sister, the descriptions of the people she encounters in her search remind me too much of a rip off of Francesa Lia Block. Love her, but only need one of her. Halfway through the novel, Ellie hits the road to search for her sister with Sean, her new crush. This is when things heat up. The second half of the novel was riveting and full of surprises. Unfortunately, things heat up between Ellie and Sean a bit too much for my middle school. I don't mind the cursing, but page 166 is too steamy for me to defend to parents. Still, I will keep it in a pile of books reserved for high school alums that stop by for summer reading books.

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