Friday, June 25, 2010


I recently mentioned that I love when novels have multiple narrators. I should add the caveat that I want to like (or at least be interested in) the characters. None of the three narrators in Jumped are worth the few hours that it took me to read it.

Jumped relates a day in the life of Dominique (a psychopathic basketball player), Trina (a conceited, hyperactive artist), and Leticia (a gossip who sits back and watches as Dominique prepares to jump Trina for an imagined insult). The story builds confusingly to the inevitable conclusion, leaving the reader shrugging her shoulders and tossing the book to the side.

Two things shocked me: this book was a National Book Award finalist and Rita Williams-Garcia took four years to write it. Jumped won't be joining my school library, not because it is racy or inappropriate, but because it is not worth my students' time.

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  1. I also love multiple narrators. Although I often find myself enjoying certain characters over the other, I can't think of any multiple narrator books where I did not enjoy any. That would be disappointed.

    I had seen Jumped listed a lot on Amazon as being similar to books I was buying. Since there are so many books on my to-do list already, I was glad to see your thoughts so that it won't be a high priority.

    That said, you mentioned that you won't add it to your library since it would be a waste of your students' time. If appropriateness is not a concern, I would say you should add it anyway. If you have a copy, you might as well utilize it. You never know if some of your students will be able to connect to the characters more than you were able to and enjoy the book.


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