Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Death By Bikini

Sixteen year old Aphra Behn Cohen runs a remote tropical resort with her father, the place where rockers come to hide from the paparazzi. Unfortunately for Aphra, rockers aren't the only ones hiding on their island. When a guest dies and others appear not to be what they seem, Aphra decides to live up to her namesake (apparently the first female spy...but wasn't that Mata Hari?) and find out what is going on.

I rented a house on the other side of the island and pulled what looked like the most likely beach read from my stack of books waiting to be read. I wasn't disappointed by Death By Bikini. Aphra is a fun character and it will be easy for my students to put themselves in her shoes. While she never specifies what island she lives on, I believe it is Hawaii. Too bad, because I would love to be able to recommend a teen mystery that takes place in the Caribbean!

Despite the fact that the cover raises eyebrows, I found this to be a fun mystery that my middle school students will love. When I drive back to my end of the island, I will be stopping at one of their houses so that this Linda Gerber's fun novel can start getting passed around.

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