Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dead Is The New Black

Dead Is The New Black is pure fun. It joins all of the other books in the werewolf/vampire category that Twilight has inspired. Marlene Perez's first book in this series is a welcome, frothy addition.

Daisy Giordano is the youngest in a series of psychics that live in the distinctly supernatural town of Nightshade, California. When the cheerleaders begin showing up in goth gear and teenage girls start dying, Daisy teams up with her new boyfriend (who happens to be the son of the chief of police) to figure out what is happening.

Dead Is The New Black is unpredictable; I had no idea who was committing the crimes and made several false guesses as I read. I was also a huge fan of the character of Daisy. She is a cool teenager who loves to cook and spend time with her family. She is also able to straddle different levels of high school hierarchy realistically. Daisy is a role model worth sharing with the adolescents in your life.

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