Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Road To Paris

I really want to like Nikki Grimes' books. I dutifully read Bronx Masquerade Jazmin's Notebook. I include her poems in our poetry unit. And I read The Road to Paris, a novel about a young girl who matures during her time in foster care. But this bland, simple story left me wishing it was over so I could pick another book from the stack.

Grimes is a poet, yet her writing style leaves me grasping for more details. I am curious about this half black girl with blonde hair. I want to know more about the scary foster home she was in before, as well as the Lincolns who took her in and the mother who abandoned her for a man. Instead, I get a tepid story about daily chores and wetting the bed.

I wonder if part of my indifferent feelings for this novel come from the ending. I was really disappointed with the final decision made by Paris. When a character makes an unsatisfying decision at the end of a mediocre book, I just want to throw it down.

Still, several of my girls have enjoyed this book. When the same crew of innocents that enjoyed Twelve are looking for another simple book, I'll mention that this is an option.


  1. The cover is beautiful. When I first pulled up your blog today I was thinking about how it looked like a great book, but it sounds like it fell short in some areas for you.

  2. I know! The cover had been taunting me from the shelf for over a year. Maybe that led to my disappointment as well!


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