Saturday, April 24, 2010


Wow! Liar is a book that just kept getting better. I got it in the mail this morning after winning it from Readingjunky and spent the entire day reading: while cooking, using the facilities (ahem), and in a lounge chair at the beach as the sun made its way across the sky.

Liar is the story of Micah, a solitary New York girl with a reputation for lying whose secret love is murdered. The rest of the novel centers around Micah telling the reader what "really" happened, then backpedaling and changing the story. She also spent the beginning of the novel dancing around some sort of family secret. Once that secret is revealed, though, it becomes a completely different book and far more incredible than imagined.

There are important references to sex and a good amount of cursing in the novel; I recommend reading it before passing it on to any students and making the judgment about who can handle it. But get ready for some great conversations with the ones that can!

Also, there is some interesting controversy over the cover, namely that the US version originally had a white girl on the cover, even though Micah's race is discussed many times. As someone who tries very hard to find novels with protagonists that my students can relate to, I find this to be disappointing.

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