Monday, April 5, 2010

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen

I am deep in a Sarah Dessen phase right now. Her first novel that I read was The Truth About Forever, which inspired me to add a bunch of her novels to our wish list. They have started to trickle in and I am ignoring all responsibilities to fly through them.

In Keeping the Moon, Colie is a fifteen year old girl spending the summer in the beach town of Colby with her eccentric aunt Mira. Colie has been through some massive changes: poor to wealthy, overweight to thin, bland to vaguely goth, unknown to notorious. She hopes that her summer in Colby will allow her to remain anonymous, but her new relationships with Mira, sweet artist Norman, and sassy waitresses Isabel and Morgan show her that there is nothing better than just being who you are.

Lame cover aside, I really loved Keeping the Moon. Dessen continues to create characters that readers love and want to know more about. I could read an entire book about the genesis of Isabel and Morgan's friendship (hint hint!). Dessen's novel is inspiring, not only in the lessons it teaches, but also for aspiring writers wondering if they have stories worth telling.

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