Thursday, April 22, 2010

Down a Dark Hall

Someone mentioned Lois Duncan to me the other day and we excitedly related the plots of her novels to each other. I can't even count how many times I read Stranger With My Face (or make jokes that include "insert something wth my face" as a punchline) and Daughters of Eve. Still, I somehow had missed Down a Dark Hall. I set about remedying that immediately.

The word that came to mind several times while reading it was "farfetched". I could hear Amy Poehler's voice in my head saying "REALLY?!" I dislike when parents in novels don't listen to their children, and protagonist Kit Gordy's mother takes the cake. The school is evil, there are only four students, the letters aren't arriving...who is this mother?

Down a Dark Hall would be a good novel to show students the mechanics of writing a novel. It is obvious where Duncan uses foreshadowing and it follows the classic story structure that would make it easy to map on a Freytag's pyramid. Still, it's not a book I will recommend to them as a scary story they've got to read.

Now I am afraid to re-read Daughters of Eve and Stranger With My Face. Boo!


  1. This one sounds interesting..kind of reminded me of Harry Potter when I was reading your review. I never read Eat, Pray, Love yet, but I plan on it. Every time I go to purchase it they are out. I will look into the other author. Thanks for the recommendations! ha I think its a tatoo but it does look a little painful ha.


  2. I loved Lois Duncan too - but when I recently reread Daughters of was more WTF?! hilarious than scary.

  3. I LOVED THE BOOK!!!!!!!!


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