Monday, March 8, 2010


Patricia McCormick treads on haunting territory with Sold. This is the story of Lakshmi, a thirteen year old Nepalese girl who is sold into a brothel in India to support her family.

Even though it is written in prose, the harrowing experiences of Lakshmi’s daily life are clear. Every student who has read this book has asked me, “Is this real?” It is a difficult topic to broach, that there are sexual slaves in the world today of the same age as the students reading. It can galvanize great discussions, but may also be controversial to some families, which is important to consider before shelving this novel.

Still, I think Sold is a well-written and important book. The cover draws in the reader and the extremely readable text will have readers flying through the pages, hoping for a happy ending for Lakshmi. Each of my students puts this book down with a sigh, saying "That was a good book!"

To read an article with Patricia McCormick about this novel, click here.

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