Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sea, The Storm, and The Mangrove Tangle

First off, this is not a young adult book, which I try to focus on in this blog. Lynne Cherry's picture book is written for children in 1st to 3rd grade. Still, it is an amazing resource that worked really well with my students this week.

We read The Sea, The Storm, and The Mangrove Tangle aloud and my middle schoolers were not even going to pretend to be cool, they were so excited to have someone reading them a story. The plot describes decades in the life of a mangrove tangle, as a propogule breaks off, survives a hurricane, and creates its own mangrove tangle. After reading the book, we discussed what we could see in mangroves (everyone was using the correct terminology from the book), and then we went out to nearby mangroves and explored. We definitely saw a lot of featured organisms. It was a really fun introduction to an experience that got the students excited.

I love incorporating quality picture books into my instruction. I recommend giving it a try and seeing how much everyone enjoys it!

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