Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Becoming Chloe

I was so thrilled to win Becoming Chloe in a giveaway. I was really hoping to add it to our school's library until I was about two pages in and I realized that this novel wouldn't fly at our school.

Becoming Chloe has two distinct parts; the first recounts the brutality of life on the streets for Jordan, a gay teenage runaway, and Chloe, a mentally disturbed and abused girl. The second details their cross-country search for beauty in the world. It is a quick read, but doesn't give the reader the answers that she wants, like what happened to Chloe in the past and what will they do once they have completed their journey to California.

There is one beautiful line on page 156: "Even if this was the only thing I ever did in my whole life, it would have been worth having a life just to do this." This inspiring quote will be what I take away from Catherine Ryan Hyde's otherwise tepid novel.

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