Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Somehow, I managed to miss Speak for the past ten years. Someone donated it to our school library this week and I snatched it up, having heard such amazing things about it. Even though I already knew the big secret that was haunting Melinda Sordino through her first year of high school, I was still unable to put this book down. I started it this morning and wrapped it up after eating it through cooking dinner (and instead of correcting essays).

Speak breaks my heart, feeling for this young girl that is so traumatized that she stops speaking entirely. Laurie Halse Anderson's writing lures the reader in and then shocks them. There were two specific times in the novel that I gasped, hoping that what was occurring was only a dream. Unfortunately for Melinda, this wasn't the case.

The subject matter is too intense for most of my classes, but for a few mature ninth graders, this will be a book to discuss. After reading it, I know that I will be even more protective of any outcasts I know.

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