Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Secret Life of Prince Charming

Whoa. I am only about 100 pages in this novel, but I know I won't be adding The Secret Life of Prince Charming to our library. It is just far too mature for middle school students.

The plot is fun: two sisters and their newly-met half sister decide to return items that their unpredictable, estranged father has stolen from his past girlfriends. I am interested in all of the characters, especially the juggling (literally) larger-than-life father. I will continue to read it on my own and maybe share it with a few older community members that have graduated or are in the later stages of high school.

There is a lot of cursing in this novel; too much for me to rationalize. There is also a lot of discussion of sex, which won't work here. It seems like a great book, just not age appropriate for my students.

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