Friday, February 5, 2010


I had really high hopes for Quiver. The cover is really appealing (it's really banana yellow, not like that image to the righ) and it's about Atalanta, the fastest mortal in Ancient Greece. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my hopes.

This is a really challenging novel to get into--note that I'm not saying that it's a challenging story to get into. Atalanta's history, as a devotee of Artemis that vows to remain unmarried until a man outruns her, is fascinating. Stephanie Spinner just wasn't able to pull it off. She uses far too many challenging Greek names right off the bat; I wanted to stop reading and I used to live in Greece! A guide to the characters would do well at the front of the book. Also, she has a chorus of the Greek pantheon narrating in little asides at the beginning and end of chapters. There just serve to take the reader out of the narrative and wonder why bother reading more. Finally, it seems like Spinner didn't write enough, so they had to space the novel out with very few words on a page, effectively wasting a ton of paper.

My class is going to be reading The Lightning Thief next, but I have a student who has already read the entire series. In my quest for a few novels that he can read while we read out class novel, I have failed. Don't read this!

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