Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Truth About Forever

I read the first fourteen pages of The Truth About Forever during Quiet Reading, and when the period was over, I stood up and announced, "You guys are going to love this book!" During my next free period, I immediately added a huge stack of Sarah Dessen books to our wishlist.

This novel about a summer in the life of Macy details her struggles to live up to the expectations of her mother and her perfect boyfriend, while she slowly realizes who she really is. The characters are extremely well-written. I love Caroline, the bad girl older sister, who has matured into the loving adult that holds the family together. Macy's new friends in the catering company where she works are just fantastic. I would happily read an entire novel on each of their lives.

The love story in The Truth About Forever is innocent and unfolds beautifully. There are some curse words and underage drinking in the book, but I can easily justify those sections to any 8th or 9th grade parents. I am so excited to have found another great, prolific author to add to our library.

And that is a month of daily book reviews . I loved challenging myself this way; it was both a lot more difficult and more fun than I expected. I am going to ease into writing a book review whenever I finish a book, rather than every day. I'm hooked!

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