Thursday, January 7, 2010


There is a lot of buzz around Push (or Precious, as the movie tie-in version is titled) right now. Most of the teachers at my school have read it, having borrowed it from a student's mother. One of the teachers nervously asked me if this book was going to be added to our school's library. My eyes almost fell out of my head.

There is no way that Push will get added to our students' reading options. Even for middle school students, our kids are pretty innocent and naive. This may be partly wishful thinking, but many of our kids haven't even heard of the serious issues in this novel. If they have experiences similar to Precious', there is all the more reason for me to help them find escapist fiction. Furthermore, Sapphire's writing is not of a high enough literary standard for me to want to defend the decision to shelf the book. The Bahamas is a conservative country in many ways and I feel totally supported in my decision to keep inappropriate books out of our library.

Weeks after reading Push, my brain is still chewing on it, but not in a positive way. I would hate for any of my students to have this novel haunting them as well.

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