Sunday, January 17, 2010

Janes in Love

"I'm multifaceted, mom," says Sporty Jane in Janes in Love. Really? Because the fact that people refer to you as Sporty Jane refutes that! Janes in Love confirmed what I suspected when I read the first book in the series: I'm not a fan.

All the same characters are here and none of them has branched out from their respective arty, scientific, athletic, dramatic, and 'average' roles. Cecil Castellucci should have focused more on character development, rather than trying to cram so many storylines into a short graphic novel. The author tackles anthrax attacks, agoraphobia, crushes, Sadie Hawkins dances, guerilla art, development, and many other topics. I would have preferred if the storyline was limited to the guerilla art and the love lives of the Janes. Instead, we get a jumbled and overly ambitious pile of confusion.

I won't be ordering any more books in this series for our library. Skip it.

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