Saturday, January 2, 2010


What a bizarre book.

I'm not sure who Nancy Werlin's target audience is with Impossible: fantasy fans? Teenagers that love the song "Scarborough Fair"? Kids that want to read about teenage pregnancy? Whoever the target is, I am not in that group.

I was totally gripped by Werlin's The Rules of Survival, so was really excited to see the audiobook for Impossible in my parents' local library. I eagerly saved it to my ipod (is that legal?) to listen to as I cooked and cleaned my house. Unfortunately, this book will not be added to our school's wishlist.

Lucy, the main character, was unlikable and unrealistic. She rebounds very quickly after a traumatic assault and continues to make frustrating choices. Werlin writes about Lucy attending school as a pregnant teen, but never addresses the challenges she faces. The novel dragged on, especially at the end, and it seemed to take forever to reach the tasks she must accomplish (the climax of the story).

I really can't think of any students in our school that would enjoy this novel. I hope that Werlin sticks to realistic fiction in the future; this fantasty novel just did not work.

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