Monday, January 18, 2010

I Am Not Joey Pigza

I love Jack Gantos' Joey Pigza books. The latest, I Am Not Joey Pigza is a bittersweet addition to the series. Joey's positive attitude and lovable out of control nature are back in full force. I really take the character of Joey straight to my heart. He reminds me so much of so many kids I know that I often laugh out loud at his antics. His sweet attitude helps balance out the shambles that his parents consistently make of his life.

His awful father, Carter Pigza, is back with a new identity and another chance from Joey's fool-of-a-mother. The terrible ideas that Carter comes up with hurt my heart, seeing Joey fall for them over and over again, even though that tiny voice in his mind tells him, "he's going to let you down." At one point, Joey's father says that everyone deserves a second chance. Joey's response is "But what if your second chance ruins my first chance?" Little, beautiful moments like that break my heart. Jack Gantos' writing is able to make me burst out laughing and then tear up, often in the same page. Everyone I have recommend the Joey books to loves them as well. You're next.

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