Saturday, January 23, 2010


I loved Graceling!

I have been savoring this book for awhile but also trying to cram reading time into every possible minute, offering to cover people's Quiet Reading slots, planning extra Reading Workshops, skipping dinner outings, etc.

I loved this novel even more than its companion, Fire. One of the reasons is that its protagonist, Katsa, is far more likable than Fire. Super active is always more fun that super gorgeous (remember that, kiddos!). Kristin Cashore's seven kingdoms fascinate me. Learning more about gracelings and the evil Leck in particular had me carting this 470 page tome wherever I went.

Really, the main reason to love this novel is the character Po. From his silver and golden eyes to his pirate-like looks and fighting skills, he is the character that I longed to learn more about. It's rare to find a romantic lead like Po in a book; I am excited to discuss him with the other readers.
I read this series out of order; Graceling was published before Fire, but they really can be read in either order, with only one minor spoiler. Bitterblue, set six years after Graceling, is currently being written. I am checking my watch and tapping my foot impatiently.

PS. To the right is the UK cover of Graceling. I prefer this cover to the US version. What do you think?

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