Monday, January 11, 2010

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

I have been dying to read Carrie Ryan's novel for a long time. The title alone sends shivers down my spine. The imagery had my imagination reeling and when I learned that it was about zombies called the Unconsecrated, I was psyched.

At first, The Forest of Hands and Teeth reminded me of the movie "The Village". I really enjoy it when you think something is happening far in the past and then realize it is modern (sorry if I spoiled the movie or the book for you). The main character, Mary, is interesting because she has lost her faith in God (something that may be challenged at my school), but is actually the most faithful and hopeful character, never giving up on the possible existence of the ocean and a world beyond the forest.

Ryan's descriptions of the Unconsecrated had me so curious. Actually, so many of the institutions in the novel (the Sisterhood, the Guardians, the Return) had me wanting to read an entire book about their history. Some of my students may not like this book...they prefer their undead with a dash of neon and glitz. The true horror fans, thought, will rattling the fence for their turn to read this.

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