Monday, January 4, 2010

The Color of My Words

Lynn Joseph, why haven't you written another young adult book yet?!

The Color of My Words is the book that I recommend most frequently. All the teachers at my school have read it and the majority of the students have as well. Every word in Lynn Joseph's novel is pure poetry, beautifully chosen and meant to be savored. Upon returning the book, the first question that every reader asks it, "Do you have any more?"

Ana Rosa is a Dominican girl who is experiencing her first two loves, one is with an older boy and the other is with writing. Each chapter begins with a poem that directly relates to the story that follows. Ana Rosa experiences growth, success, tragedy, and surprises throughout the story. I really don't want to give anything else away...just trust me and read it! It's only $5.99 at amazon; you basically cannot afford not to read this beautiful piece of work.

And if you know Lynn Joseph, please ask her what she's waiting for!

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