Tuesday, January 19, 2010

City of Bones

The donation of City of Bones coincided really nicely with the beginning of Grade 9's science fiction and fantasy unit. This was, by far, the hottest title in the class, being traded back and forth between the guys. One even read the series out of order because he couldn't wait to begin. Ah, the power of a good cover and positive peer reviews.

Instead of telling you about the plot--you'll enjoy it--I want to rant a little bit about relationships in YA books. Must there always be a best friend character that is secretly in love with the protagonist? And by secretly, I mean everyone knows except our fair hero. Is this a very common circustance? I am scanning my high school friends in my mind, wondering if any of them were secretly pining away for oblivious me! I have to ask my students tomorrow if this is common. At my school the gender representation is not remotely equal (one class has only three boys, another has only two girls), so it may be different.

Anyway, I enjoyed this novel. There were some surprises and some plot twists that were a mile coming. I am not dying to read the two sequels, but that is probably just as well because the kids can't stop reading them. Nothing wrong with that!

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