Friday, January 15, 2010


What can I say? I like candy.

Airhead is never going to be a classic. It's a book that I have to specifically tell my students not to write about in their SSAT and boarding school essays. But, it is a book that they enjoy enough that they would like to write about it. They light up when they talk about Emerson, an ordinary girl, who becomes trapped in the body of a supermodel (don't ask).

I try to read almost all of the books that come through our library, but I pay definite attention to books with a leggy model on the cover and a not-very-encouraging title. I found Airhead to be a fun book that will fit in nicely with the Princess Diaries books that Meg Cabot writes. There is a whole crew of girls at my school who will love this book, which does include some good vocabulary words in it. Plus, there is a reference to Eleuthera in it, which must be a first for young adult books. I'm not whole-heartedly endorsing this novel, but I do think it is worth having in your library.

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