Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If I Stay

Gayle Forman's novel If I Stay is absolutely beautiful. Written from the perspective of Mia, a comatose girl, the story focuses on whether she should try to live after a car accident or join her deceased family. The narrative switches from Mia's life before the accident to her time in the coma, painting a picture of the life that could possibly be lost.

The omniscient narrator is not as gorgeously written as in Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones, but the many fans of that novel will enjoy If I Stay as well. Mia is a likable protagonist, but the most interesting characters are her parents. They are rockers-turned-parents and their excellence shows how difficult life would be for Mia without them, if she came out of the coma. I wonder if my fascination with the parents is because I am thirty years old, or if it is due to Forman's writing...probably a combination of both!

My students will be able to relate to Adam and Mia's love story; they are always fiending for stories of teenage love. Their relationship is tender and special, I wonder if other readers will be as teary as I was! This is the novel that inspired me to write this blog; I can't think of a higher endorsement than that.

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